1. xx/xx/xx

    Gator - Log Swamp

    Easy, secure, unopinionated http logging for any developer application.

    typescript, node.js, react.js, next.js, trpc, tailwindcss, mysql, prisma

  2. 08/17/22

    Gator - To

    URL shortener.

    typescript, node.js, react.js, next.js, trpc, tailwindcss, mysql, prisma

  3. 08/04/22


    Desktop application to help musical conductors practice and share their movements.

    unity, xbox kinect, computer vision

  4. 07/24/22

    Barstool Sports Fullstack Challenge

    Fullstack challenge from Barstool Sports. The objective is to create a UI for a game where you request game data from an API and use a database to cache the data.

    typescript, node.js, react.js, next.js, prisma, trpc, tailwindcss

  5. 07/15/22

    Gator - Bednotes

    Patient note keeping for hospitals.

    typescript, node.js, react.js, next.js, firebase, trpc, mysql,, prisma, planetscale, pusher, next-auth

  6. 06/06/22

    Gym Music Player

    Web application to play curated music while working out.

    javascript, node.js, react.js

  7. 02/16/22

    Pb Ge111 Island Growth Analysis

    Physics semiconductor research to find the relationship to temperature and growth rate of Pb on Ge111.

    python, jupyter notebook, numpy, matplotlib, scipy, opencv

  8. 12/07/21

    NS Wave Quadrature Analysis

    Class project to analyize different methods to solving a complex integral with computational approximation methods.

    python, jupyter notebook, matplotlib, numpy, scipy, pandas

  9. 10/28/21


    Discord bot to help facilitate the UCF Knights Discord Server.

    typescript, node.js, discord.js, axios, crontab

  10. 09/19/21


    Discord bot to help facilitate administration actions for the Roboics Club of Central Florida.

    javascript, node.js, discord.js, crontab, axios

  11. 06/11/21


    Discord bot that sends a random picture of Ariana Grande from Getty Images.

    python,, aiohttp

  12. 06/10/21

    Contact Manager

    Class project to add, remove, and edit a contact list.

    python, fastapi, jinja2, mysql, pyjwt

  13. 02/27/21

    Gator - Bookaroo

    Mobile SMS booking service that allowed businesses to make appointments with their customers. Bookaroo also allowed employees to manage their appointments.

    python, fastapi, huey, pyjwt, pymongo, redis, sendgrid, twilio, monogodb, node.js, react.js, next.js

  14. 02/07/21


    CLI to pre-prend emojis to your git commit messages.

    go, cobra

  15. 10/31/20

    Auto Cannon

    School project to auto aim a cannon to an erupting volcano to plug it up and prevent doomsday.

    python, numpy, matplotlib

  16. 10/20/20

    Bowser - Lane Tracking

    Autonomous lane tracking system for the Bowser robot. The Roboics Club of Central Florida's IGVC competition entry.

    python, numpy, matplotlib, opencv, pillow

  17. 10/15/20


    CLI to convert pdf documents to audio files you can listen to. Named after the Google voice actress Kiki Baessell.

    python, beautifulsoup, typer, pypdf2, gtts

  18. 09/29/20

    UCF FE Practice

    Web application to help UCF students study for the UCF Computer Science Entrance Exam, aka The Foundation Exam.

  19. 09/12/20


    Minimal web server to test load balancing of replicated containers in a docker environment.

    python, flask, docker, socket

  20. 08/08/20


    GUI of a simulated rocket launch.

    c++, gtk

  21. 07/28/20


    Script to scrape stock information set on a cronjob and then send a text message to the user if it drops relative to a defined threshold.

    python, beautifulsoup, crontab

  22. 03/17/20

    Disney Data Science

    Looks at three different aspects of Disney. First, what genre and rating combination makes Disney the most money. Secondly, generates plots of ride line waiting time and their averages over differnet time intervals. Lastly, generates a report of the order, and times of rides you should do given a day.

    python, numpy, matplotlib, pandas

  23. 10/04/19


    Discord bot that manages a marriage system and creates a leaderboard of couples to promote server engagement.

    python,, pillow, mysql

  24. 10/04/19

    Offline Pass

    GUI offline password manager to save your passwords to your computer locally.

    python, tkinter, sqlite, hashlib, cryptography

  25. 04/20/18

    Physics Problem Solver

    Script to solve basic common physics problems given parameters.